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Vila Labod is a holiday home with spacy apartments on a large private area of 5000 square metres, located on the banks of the lake Most na Soči, distinguished by its unique location, its breath-taking view, its privacy and tranquillity. It is comfortably situated with restaurants, bars and shops within walking distance. All apartments are equipped with the latest techniqual features, such as wifi internet.

Počitniška hiša Slovenija Počitniška hiša Slovenija Počitniška hiša Slovenija

Most na Soči lies in the Soča-Valley on the edge of the Triglav National Park (83.000 hectares) at only a few kilometres from the Italian border. It is surrounded by the Soča and Idrica River. Throughout the year a lot of different activities are at hand; such as relaxing at the villa or fly fishing, paragliding, skiing, hiking, swimming, rafting, kayaking, hunting etc. The location will satisfy almost everyone.

Vila Labod Počitniška hiša Slovenija Počitniška hiša Slovenija
Vila Labod Vila Labod Vila Labod

Vila Labod, Most na Soči, Slovenia
Vila Labod is Dutch owned and operated in Slovenia.

Info: Eduard Stamsnijder, tel: +386 51 406 400,

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